Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dining chair problem solved

So the ottoman arrived from Wayfair and it is beyond perfect for what I need. No matter how many times I check and double check measurements the size of something is always a surprise to me. This time, a delightful one. It is way bigger and taller than I imagined and, since it is also storage... yeah!!!

It sits fine and rolls very nicely on the carpet. Two of them will look nice under the table and make fine seating so... I just ordered another one. The mustard one is going to have to find a new home. I don't really have room for it but it but I hate to give it up.


It might be noted that there appears to have been no tidying done. WRONG. I tidied it up nicely and those bags on the floor hold stuff for different rooms. But then I got busy and not messy all over again.

Kitchen is done. I left the glue bottle there for perspective.


The bathroom is more than half done. I'm making progress.

I took a break this morning and decided to go to Grocery Outlet and then maybe grab a big mac for lunch. As I pulled out of the garage my pants rang. It was ljtourist who had the day off and was thinking maybe we could meet for lunch. Timing! He haz it. I went and picked him up and we did Thai and it was delish. AND I have enough for dinner.

I am just staring at that ottoman. It is so nice! And so perfect. Some days ya just get lucky.
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