Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Freedom from traffic

I gave great thanks this morning to Martin Luther King for whom I hold totally responsible for the open roads to and from the pool today. Even the pool itself was a bit traffic free. It was lovely.


The mess that is my living room table today looks way better in this photo than in real life. I need to get this under control. I need to figure out a way to enjoy putting these kits together without making an unholy mess of my living room.

I was thinking about it while I was swimming today and I think I have what may be a doable plan... organize and containerize by room.

Tools in one container.
Living room in one.
Kitchen in one.
Bedroom in one.
Bathroom in one.
Everything else in one.

I think that's a doable plan. Then I need pull out only the room I'm working on at any one time.

So that's today's project. And maybe finishing up the kitchen.

It's really chilly in here this morning. I just got dressed in layers and I have a cat draped over one knee so it's warming up a little.

My new ottoman arrives today. If it works - looks nice, is tall enough, then I will order another one. That mustard colored ottoman in the photo doesn't really roll well and is a little too short. It could use another job in the house.

Also I might make a trip to Grocery Outlet for that cheese. But, I also might not.

I think now I'm going to get started on that organize thing instead of just sitting here being cold. Diversion! Plus, Zoey thinks she's now ready for breakfast.

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