Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh... really...

So I was just listening to the evening news about the shut down of the viaduct and heard something interesting... I dug around on the internets and unless I'm totally misreading the maps and mock up videos...

In mid February, when they finish up the new on/off ramps to Highway 99 which will officially dissect it from the viaduct, the new ramps on the south end will mean a huge change for me.

Currently to get to the pool and back every day, I go down 1st Avenue through about 6 traffic lights and then get on a bridge that takes me to the gym and then reverse coming home. That route takes me anywhere from 12-17 minutes mostly depending on how red those traffic lights are.

The new ramps will terminate/start right at the end of my block so... I will now have a different option to get on that bridge... a freeway with zero traffic lights!

This does not make me happy about killing the viaduct and I'm still pretty much cut off from a formerly viable option to swim at the Ballard pool BUT as a consolation prize, it's not too bad!

Unless, of course, I'm totally misunderstanding the whole deal.
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