Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ready for tomorrow


The new swimsuit is done and ready for tomorrow's swim. It strikes me as funny to have cactuses on a swimsuit but I do like the colors.

When he was here bill_schubert cut me a hole in my serger table and rigged up a catch basin so that now, the trimmings go right into the under mounted basket. Today was the first time I really used it and it's so fabulous. And so tidy. I love it.


I went out and did my errands so my tracker is happy. The line around the new bakery was not terribly long - probably 60 people but combined with the 50 or so inside, turned out to be longer than I was interested in. I can 'do' the bakery another day when the line is shorter or not there.

Now I'm home and I think it's time for some junk TV while I crochet. I think dinner is more pizza.

A nice Friday...
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