Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Soooooo much better

The pool water this morning was the best it had been in weeks. Crystal clear. It felt wonderful to swim in. But, mindful of the traffic that was piling up, I only did an hour - 1,525. Then a quick shower and on the road - a good 10 to 15 minutes earlier than usual and I was rewarded handsomely... NO backup. I had to wait a little bit longer than usual at one traffic light but that was it. I got home before the guy who parks next to me left for work at 6:15. (He's always gone when I get home. I'll bet he had a moment of Oh fuck, am I late?? What's she doing back here already???)

Nice start to a Friday.

Today is a sewing day. I have a couple of mending projects and then that new swimsuit that's ready to assemble. I might make the trek up to get the bus card fixed and check out the bakery or I might not. Otherwise, no big plans.

The pizza last night was pretty good. But, not good enough. I think I'm done with Papa Murphy's. There's a place a block over that has good pizza but it's a pain to order from. I think, next time I get a pizza jones, I'm going to endure their pain.

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