Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today I learned that the average age of people in the gym at 10:30 am is 85. If you remove the staff from that equation, the average age is 102. Seriously, I was like wtf? where did all these old people come from?? Then I switched to, wow. It's a wonder some of these people can even stand much less make it to the gym.

It was amazing. The pool was crowded but it was all old people just splashing around. There was one other lap swimmer. The water was fine. Not crystal clear but not green and a lot more clear than yesterday.

The manager was at the desk when I was leaving and I made a point of letting him know how much I appreciated their getting on that pea soup situation so quickly. He appeared to appreciate my appreciation.

I got the pizza. This sucker had better be good. A few months ago I could get a pepperoni pizza there, premade so fast, for $6. Then they cut out their 'fav' program and now I can get the same pizza for $18 and wait 3 times longer for them to bring it out. They be broken. If this pizza isn't to die for, it will be the last one I get from there.

By the time I got on the bridge to come home, the traffic had totally cleared out.

But the reason I don't keep to this schedule is that it is now 1 pm and I'm really just getting started with my day. Not good.

Oh. letmesaythis asked to see a photo of the socks I made a while back.


I did not even try to match them up either individually or in pairs. I just grabbed whatever scrap was big enough for the pieces (there are 4 pieces to each sock) and went with it. They are really good - feel good, work in my shoes, etc. The down side is that I am not good with pairs. And these require it. Finally, I put the left foot socks in one drawer and the right foot socks in another so now I just grab one from each drawer. That does help.

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