Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of today

My two IKEA dining chairs went home with the house cleaner. I really like that they aren't here. It makes the room so much bigger.

I spent lots of time today at that table working on my miniature room. I'm not going to love the finished product but I have learned so much. I know I will love the second one. I plan on finishing the first but probably it will have a short life.

It's 7 pm and I just had a wild hair to call the gym about the pool. Sure enough they apparently closed it after I was gone this morning and don't intend to open it until at least tomorrow. I'll call tomorrow mid-morning and get an update. But, I'm not going to go get up at 4:30 and fight that traffic for no swim. Soooooo glad I called.

Ordinarily in this situation, I'd just pivot to the LA Fitness in the Ballard neighborhood north of here but in the current traffic/road closed situation now, NFW. Ballard takes me 20 minutes to get to with no traffic and it would probably take me a good hour or more in this mess we have now.

My Plan C pool, normally open on Thursday mornings and in a location I actually could get to easily, is closed for maintenance til May.

Swims are not plentiful this month. Sigh.
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