Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

too cool for school and... OOOPS!

Remember that artist I captured yesterday? I posted the photo on Instagram and that is automagically copied to Twitter. On Twitter someone I do not know at all, replied to my tweet with the guy's name and his instagram and I now have a new favorite artist!

Oh and the last laundry load was towels and the washer spun the bejesus out of them so not broken so no new washer/dryer. Oh well.

My hair was getting a little wild in the back so I got out the trimmer... I made some passes and got a little but it wasn't enough. Then I turned the trimmer over and I nearly scalped myself. Seriously, the back of my hair now looks like the back of little kids hair after their mom cuts out the gum that got stuck in there!!

So I'm crocheting a hat out of that nice fancy yarn I got yesterday.

It's not a tragedy because:
  1. I can't see it and the front looks fine.

  2. The back of my head grows hair way fast so it won't take long to recover.

  3. I don't go to church so no one will be studying the back of my head. I'll try to remember to remember BackAgainstTheWall in elevators.

  4. And finally, big whoop. Who cares and new hat!

My brother made it to Austin so is about an hour's drive from home.
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