Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It was such fun

As I type this, I'm at home in my living room and my brother is at Gate 12 at Seatac.

I enjoyed his visit so much. He's such fun, interesting, easy company. And so much good food! Last night was high end Italian at Il Terrazzo Carmine. I love an excuse to try out new places and revisit old. Yum.

Today is laundry. And stuff. I will turn the guest room back into the sewing room. And take a couple of loads down to the dumpsters and generally tidy up. The house cleaner comes tomorrow. Also I need to get out my miniature stuff and get that ready to work on.

Text just told me he's all boarded and ready to go and has a row to himself. Nice.

I also need to pay bills and catch up with my financial guy to see which of us is on the hook for my long term insurance premium this year.

I now have a healthy stash of junk TV piled up on Tivo and my crochet project to get back to.

It was a great visit and, this year, it's only 2 months til the next one. He is coming back in March for my 70th birthday!
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