Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The new normal

I live on the south edge of downtown Seattle. The highway they closed moved traffic north/south through town. There is also an interstate that goes north/south through town.

Last night we headed out to a restaurant north of downtown. On a Saturday evening - 5:15 - the interstate option was bumper to bumper crawling. There are many who live south of Seattle and work north or mid. Their lives are going to suck come Monday. Big time.

We actually got to our restaurant a few minutes late and were greeted by a snooty woman who made us promise to be out of there in under 2 hours. But, we did her one better. When we got to our table, I realized that the noise level was just too high. It was so loud that conversation was going to be tricky so we just said no thank you - here's your stupid 2 hours right now.

And we went over to a tried and true steak house (Jak's) that does not even take reservations but were happy to see us Hand give us drinks while we waited for a table and it was great. All around.

This morning my brother wants to make breakfast. He's talking maybe hash browns, maybe biscuits, maybe leftover steak... I have all the fixins and am hap hap happy for him to get creatin'.

I think I might, when the football starts, sneak off and go see if there's a lane available at the gym pool.
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