Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning, we headed out for yet another fabulous restaurant adventure. This time to Salare who's chef/owner is the newest chef darling in Seattle. I had made reservations but when we got there, they didn't know it. I had used OpenTable so I went to my phone only to see I had made reservations for next Saturday. Ooops.

To their credit they recovered quickly and gracefully and found a place for us. Their brunch menu is one of the most pretentious menus I've ever seen. But the food was interesting - a good and different mix of flavors with nice textures and high quality ingredients. I'm not sure I'll rush back there but I'm sure glad we went.

Then on to the liquor store. My brother like Rebel Yell bourbon which is not standard Seattle fare and there's a new liquor store that is gigantic that I wanted to visit anyway so, while it wasn't close, we went anyway. Seriously, if it has alcohol in it or adjacent, this place has it and it's a lovely lovely store with a nice staff. We enjoyed just wandering around looking at all the selection.

Then home to test out a new tire inflator that I got on Amazon. I was unsure on how to operate it safely and accurately and he showed me exactly how. Easy peasy as it turned out. Next time that tire light comes on, I will be ready!

We had time before football for one more errand so we went down to Deep Sea Sugar and Salt bakery to get a half time treat. Now we're home, doing laundry, and watching the game. Or rather my brother and the cat are watching, I'm entertaining myself on the internet.

The sun has been out all day and no rain for a change. It looks like we have several days of this. Not my favorite but it is everyone else's so I'll deal. They are tearing down the viaduct across from this building today. The portion on this end has to go to make way for the entrance to the new tunnel. So they are chomping at it already today.
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