Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Much better

Tonight we went to an old old restaurant in the International District - Tae Tung. I've always known about it but never gone. It is as run down and shabby as last night's place was bright and shiny. But the food was amazing. I mean fabulous in every way. So delicious. It has officially ruined me for all other Chinese restaurants.

Before that we went to the Space Needle which was fun. I had not been up there since 1991 and they are finishing a major renovation. It was really neat and fun.

They take your picture like all tourist places BUT they do it digitally and free.


We had a lovely time in the massive gift shop. They have done a great job of assembling it but could stand to spend some effort in helping the clerks understand how to staff a retail operation.

We rode back to town on the monorail and then walked home. We did a bunch of house things on my list. Right now my watch says I've done 19465 steps. My feet agree. It was a really nice day but I'm beat. 'night!
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