Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My brother has polished off leg 1 of his trip here and is getting ready to start leg 2. I've still got 3 hours before time to leave for the airport. So it's just waiting...

Meanwhile, I have work to do on his/Zoey's room which normally Zoey shares with the sewing. There are a couple of roll away bits that I need to roll away. And set out another blanket and find the guest Orca card for light rail and bus.

It's pretty chilly here today. I usually just ride light rail out to the airport, meet him there and ride back with him but that adventure includes a couple of semi long walks in windy areas. Heated car might be a better option. I've got 3 hours to decide.

This is the week of CES where all the consumer electronics folks - gadget geeks - gather in Las Vegas. It's not open to the public but my brother and I kind of snuck in several years running and enjoyed it enormously. It's a wild trade show that is full of promises of cool tech stuff from dildos to driverless cars. About 1/4th the stuff is not interesting, 1/4th the stuff is fascinating and will never come to market. Another 4th is same stuff/different paint. And the last 4th is magical futuristic amazing stuff.

It's also all wrapped in one super packed Las Vegas. The line for a taxi from the airport takes about an hour. Heck the line for a taxi from the hotel to dinner takes an hour if you get the timing right/wrong. Every hotel room is taken. It's wild. And fun.

But, now I just read about it on Twitter which is fine. It's more fun having been there and knowing the stories behind the stories, though.

Ok, brother is boarding for last leg ... time for me to at least get dressed!

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