Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis



This tiny shit building stuff is infectious. I pick up one thing to glue so I can do other stuff while that one thing dries and then next thing I know, it's 2 hours later and a whole pile o' shit is now glued and drying.

And my fingers are a mess. I was using some cheap white glue which glued fine but smelled. After a while I couldn't stand the stink of it so I switched to a kind of latex fabric glue which works fine. No smell but gets all over me and, unlike white glue, does not come off really easily.

I think, if/when I do another one of these, it will be after some glue shopping. I'll be both sniffing and looking at dispenser options. The latex comes with a nice fine, nozzle which is handy but not perfect...

I'm working towards a natural stopping place sometime on Monday so I can put it all away and clear off the table for my brother's visit. I think I'll pretty much have all the furnishings and accoutrements done and be down to the walls, floor, window, lighting...

The laundry is done and folded and put away. At least I do not feel like I have wasted my no swim morning.

I've also paired down my LJ list and organized it into two groups. I'm not big on seeing the same memes/questions/answers over and over again so I put the people who mainly use their journals for quizzes and memes and lists and lengthy photo essays into one group and left those write about their day to day lives and thoughts in the default. I can easily monitor each feed and am more likely now to read everyone's entries more closely now that they are separated.

There were/are apparently lights out all over Seattle. We were very lucky this time here in this neighborhood!
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