Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slacker Saturday?

That four day holiday weekend really fucked with my sleep patterns. I was all enured to getting up at 4:30 to swim. And then we had 4 days when the gym didn't open til 8 and it just cratored my routine and my body's happiness with that routine. This morning it was back to 8 and it was just not good. Plus there's a woman who comes into the pool on Saturdays and she just annoys me.

So today's swim was not that good. I had a bad attitude going in and during. Finally at 1,250 yards and 47 minutes, I quit. I am the boss of me, after all. And so the boss said I could leave early and I did. I went to Trader Joes and then on to Safeway and then home. Where I've butchered the last two hours internetting.

I got the email from the post office with today's mail and in it is the return of a card I sent out. I missed a number in the address. So I sent an email and then noticed that my 'signature' in the email includes a link to my G+ page. G+?? That's not only yesteryear but it has been taken over by boobs and snatch and is not something I want to send anyone to. So I needed a new link... why not my own domain? Except that page has the G+ link on it too. So then I had to edit the page. Then edit the email settings and then I could send out the email.

Then I got more coffee and decided I just don't like the latest coffee so I had to find/order different from Amazon.

Nothing is simple today.

But, my house is clean. Including the kitchen. And when I finished the tiny house work yesterday, I stopped and organized everything and cleaned up the work space. It amazes me how much tidy makes my outlook on everything better.

It's now noon and I really haven't done shit. I need to get off my butt and get going. I have groceries to put away, swimsuit to hang up, tiny shit to assemble and crocheting to crochet. Not to mention, I'm now hooked on The Brokenwood Mysteries from New Zealand on Acorn TV and Twitter just told me that another one of my favorites - No Offense has a new series starting this week. I love Acorn TV.

OK To Work!!

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