Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Falling in lust

So a couple of months ago, this very cool new burger joint replaced a gross, ugly, dark, dingy restaurant about 3 blocks from here. Megs is funky and fun and bright and cheery and open all day every day. They have burgers and fries and milkshakes. What's not to love?? I ran over there and got a burger and fries and a milkshake. It was a wonderful experience.

Except they put this weird 'special sauce' on everything that is way too mustard-y for me. And, while the fries truly are wonderful - they are way too salty. I've been back a few times. I tried their hot dogs. Meh.

Last night I went over and got a cheeseburger and fries for dinner. I love the place. I love the convenience and how it sparks up the 'hood' but I have absolutely fallen out of lust with the joint. I might try their patty melt if I happen to be nearby at hungry time but otherwise, I think I'll just appreciate their efforts and leave their food alone. Sigh.

BUT speaking of food I lust after, I just discovered that my new favorite poke bar (FOB Poke and, I love this, FOB stands for Fresh Off the Boat!) offers both delivery (via Amazon, my deliverer of choice) and order pickup. I'm absolutely seeing dinner tonight brought to my door.

My tiny room is getting its stuff one by one...


The learning curve is pretty steep, especially for the little shit like the guitar and the record player. Like the sofa, I have clear ideas about how I'd do it better but now now, if you squint, it all looks really good. There are a couple of other little pieces and then the plants and books and the walls and floor.

Also the crocheting is moving right along. And enjoyably so.


Ok this is cracking me up. Google tracks me everywhere I go and, once a month, sends me a report. Since I never go anywhere, they really have to pull out the dets to get a decent report. But, come year end, they think they have it knocked.

And they add pictures. They start with the most active of the activities... sports. Yes, I swim every day but other than that, I do nothing. I sit on my ass and knit or crochet and watch TV or glue little tiny things to other things. I have never played any sports and honestly have zero interest in ever sweating. But, having said that, these are actual facts - facts that reveal a very inaccurate picture.

Also, hilariously, since I go right to the pool, these views of gyms are very foreign to me. The West Seattle Health Club is the one with the pool chemicals that did a number on my lungs. I have zero idea where that room is at the Mariners stadium.

This 'shopping' collection is way more facts=truth. The picture it presents is 100% accurate. And it cracks me up.

Today's projects include:

1. cleaning out fridge/freezer. toss unindentifieds. Organize the rest.
2. cut swim suit pattern out of fabric for future assembly.
3. make more tiny shit.
4. crochet.

Maybe go to that fabulous cake place and lay in some yum. Maybe.

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