Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tiny House Crochet

I have the day out before me. Plenty of food in the house. No one wants or needs me to do anything. I have new yarn to crochet and a tiny house to build and a good book to listen to while I do it. My never-get-too-comfortable brain says this would be a perfect day for an earthquake!

Oh and I also have a little sewing/mending repair work to do. So... way too busy for an earthquake.

It really is a luxury to have all this time and entertainment and have it in a clean and tidy house.

I got Zoey a really nice looking tall scratching post. For the living room. And she loves it. And she's loving it to an early grave. I think I can give it a little more life with some glue gun work but it's not going to last as long as it should for the price. And the one that will last forever isn't as nice looking. Sigh.


Of course, the real nirvana cat furniture is still the bowl perch that my neighbor across the street has. Their cat loves it. I can find it nowhere. It's simple and sleek and attractive. All I can find is heavy and big, wide, gray and covered in fluffy gray carpeting. The search goes on.

I keep getting distracted by internetty things like the dog in the movie Up... squirrel!!

So here I go getting dressed/hanging up my wet swimsuit/getting started on my day.

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