Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Seeing the lung nurse practitioner was really interesting. First of all, she was late. Nearly 30 minutes which is very unusual for that clinic. But it was fine, I had my Kindle and she apologized. So no biggie.

She was exceedingly ernest. Like terminally so. But otherwise nice. And pretty. She talked to me a long time and asked a lot of questions about day to day experiences with COPD. Dr. Lee generally stops with "how are you doing?" after I answer "fine". She kept on going and going and going. Which was ok. She did clear up my questions about how I should be taking the benzonatate. [First of all, since I can never remember how to pronounce it, she suggested just calling it Pearls. SCORE! (Pearls is the name for the non generic version - I take the generic.)] She said I was doing it right. She also encouraged me to take more over the counter antihistamines (non drowsy allergy pills and nose sprays). Ok. I can do that.

And then she went on and on about how disastrous it would be for me if I got a cold or the flu. And, how, if I feel the slightest anything coming on, I need to call her or the office immediately. Good thing I don't get sick!

After much conversation, suggestions, she finally had me hop onto the table so she could listen to my lungs. I was all ready for the "they sound GREAT!" but instead I got a "they sound good except..." she heard nose in the bottoms but I think it may have been her imagination.

But the good news is that she sees no reason to see me again for a year! I an live with that. I ordered up an inhaler prescription refill which was under $300 for 3 months which is pretty darned good considering it included the deductible.

Then I came home and played tiny house. Turned out I had not glued down the guitar sufficiently and had to redo that so it's now redrying and I started on the radio which also has to dry for a while. But, at least now I can leave it out and work on it a little later.

In December, I ordered some yarn from England - it's in a kit to make a blanket. It finally came today.

It's this blanket in these colors. I'm going to get started on it now while I wait for glue to try.

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