Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the real new year begins

It was lovely to get back into the everyday routine again. To see the regular peops again. And then to get home and have breakfast and do my internetting and then still have the entire day left.

The house cleaner comes today so I'll be outta here. First stop Goodwill. I'll check the fabrics/sheets for goodies and then I want to look for a nice tray with sides for miniature work.

Then on to the doctor's office for my lunch checkup.

By that time, the house cleaner should be done and gone and I can resume guitar building.

Next week - Tuesday, actually, my brother is coming to visit for a week. I'm really looking forward to it. For the past few years, he's come in January and we have a great time. All year long I collect a list of restaurants that sound interesting and we try them all. Plus, in between, we try to work up an appetite for the next one.

He enjoys the getting away and I love having him around. Plus he is great about doing little things around here that are either hard for me to do alone or things I'm just not good at. I have a list for that, too. One thing I'm particularly into this year is the back of my TV.

I want us to pull out the cabinet it sits on and clean up all the cables and wires and dust and vacuum and pick up all the cat toys and then put it all back together again. Also I'm looking for him to advise on the best place to put my TV speakers.

Plus, I just enjoy his company. We are only four years apart in age but because he was the only boy and the youngest, he had a different experience, in many ways, than I did growing up in the same place with the same people. So we have the same background but just in different colors.

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