Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The end of the line for the gravy train...

My health insurance has this component to encourage you to get off your ass and also do proactive health. I hooked up my Garmin watch and tracked all my activities and got points for each one. I also got points for a flu shot and a annual doctor visit and and eye doctor visit - all that kind of stuff. I racked up about 1000 points a month which translated to $10 Amazon gift card. It was a sweet scam.

And, to be honest, there were times when I had that in the back of my mind when trying to judge how lazy to be on a particular day.

But, alas, that gravy train has now derailed. Now they give $$ for things like colonoscopy and mammogram and all the kinds of tests that I'm not going to do. They only give you $5 a month for activities like steps. You get that $5 if you exercise for a half hour 8 days a month. So, yeah, I'll be getting my $5 a month but no more. Plus my incentive is now gone, too. Sigh. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

I also, while on the insurance website, refilled my prescriptions. I was charged nothing. Not even a deductible. No idea what that's all about. But, I'm guess I'm ok with paying $0. I did not refill my inhalers because I want to wait until after I see the nurse practitioner tomorrow.

What do you call a nurse practitioner??? I've never been to see one before. Mine's name is Emily Howieson. My doctor's name is Charles Lee. I call him Dr. Lee. What do I call Emily Howieson? Seems like Emily is not formal enough and also too familiar. Guess I'll ask her. Medical people always want to know if you have any questions. This way I'll have one already loaded in the chamber!

I gave serious thought, this morning, to skipping the pool. This was before I found out that Humana no longer cares whether I swim every day or not. But, in the end, I decided that the bonus package of zero traffic on the roads and likely minimal traffic in the pool was a good enough reason to suffer one more 8 am swim. Tomorrow it's back to our regular programming and I'll be ready.

There's a really sweet woman who swims with me at least 3 or 4 times at week at 5 am. Her name is Susie. Susie was there this morning and told me that yesterday she was there at the usual Monday 5 am time. That would have been frustrating for sure.

Zoey is spending her first day of 2019 in her fish bed on her heating pad. She's really enjoying that thing. Glad I thought to put that pad in there.

Today's plans start with making the mosaic rug and the guitar and then we'll see... I need to get to a place where I can put everything away because tomorrow the house cleaner comes. I've got space in a closet for it all.

Twitter just reminded me of our Christmas vacation 60 years ago. It was a big deal. We went to Florida. To the ocean. We drove through the state which was fun. I remember St. Augustine. And that it was cold in Miami. Daddy had put together a really magnificent adventure. The whole trip was to have culminated in a plane trip to Havana. Airplane! My sister and brother and I had never been in an airplane. And Cuba. It was a different country. Also new for us. We were primed and ready.

And then... Castro. Castro marched in to overthrow Cuba's leader, Batista. This happened on January 1, 1959. Our trip to Havana was scheduled for between Christmas and New Years, 1958. On Christmas Day, Daddy pulled the plug on the Cuba part. He said he was afraid the politics were just too unstable. I was 10. I learned the names Castro and Batista = big fucking disappointment.

Kudos to Daddy, though. He pulled one of the best last minute saves in the history of saves. We got to go to Nassau in the Bahamas instead and... we got to go on a plane. Fuck Cuba. Who needs 'em?

In those days whenever you got on an airplane you wore your very best clothes. So we got all dressed up in our Sunday clothes. We were met by the stewardesses who were - to little girls of 10 - the equivalent of princesses. My little brother met the pilot and got a pin of wings. We got Coca cola in glasses with ice. And the ride was magnificent. I have zero memory of Nassau from that trip but that airplane... Thanks, Twitter, for that little trip down memory lane.

Ok, time to get this year started!!

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