Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Passion? Addiction? Focus?

I don't know what you would call what comes over me when I get sucked into something delicious. I remember it happening several times over my lifetime.

Like the weekend I got my first PC. I had no idea what to do with it. It didn't actually do that much anyway. It was not hooked up to anything. But I had DOS 2.0 and figured it wouldn't hurt to learn what that was about. I had a book of the DOS commands so for a solid weekend (and then some), I sat at the PC and went through the book page by page trying out each command. I stopped only to pee and grab a snack. It was wonderful.

Individual sewing and knitting projects have sometimes come close. And other computer projects. Like the night that Windows 95 went on sale. I bought mine at midnight and came home and upgraded and then, again, went through all of the everything it could do.

That's what today was like with this miniature stuff today. I've done nothing else today.

Here are the finished pieces so far:


The next piece is the sofa which is a bitch and a half. They give you barely enough fabric to do the job the way they want you to do it. There is a much better way to cover it all but there isn't enough fabric. I may yet redo it with different fabric. I'm letting the glue dry now on all the pieces.

Here's are those pieces. Oh and after the sofa comes the rug. See that piece with the triangles. You cut them out of felt and then make the rug out of them. That should be fun.


TIP: They do not give you enough white glue. I had a bottle from the dollar store on hand. Whew. I'm just squeezing out a blob on paper towels and then applying with toothpicks. Works great.

On Wednesday I had scheduled my annual appointment with my lung doctor. I was supposed to go in July but I felt great and told him thanks but no thanks. But now I need prescriptions reordered so I figured I'd drop in. Today, however, his office called to say he wouldn't be there but the nurse practitioner would see me. Fine by me. I only have sporadic problems with my COPD. I'd love to be able to deep six the really expensive inhaler he has me on but other than that, no biggie.

Tomorrow I can finally refill my other prescriptions. My insurance is financed by Medicare and their annual drug funds for me ran out last Fall. I have about a months worth left and that's probably how long it will take Humana to get their shit together and send me more but if I give them the green light before tomorrow, it cost me about 4 times as much. Then Wednesday I can get the inhaler prescription refilled. And it will be clear sailing until next Fall.

Now I think I'll watch some TV while the sofa glue dries.
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