Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Flying porta potties

It's windy here today... We've got flying porta potties at my house.


And frisky surf at my friend Barrie's - some random dude just posted this on Twitter - that's Barrie's condo in the background.

Meanwhile, I'm in out of the wind and plan to stay that way.

I got an interesting note from an Instagram acquaintance yesterday. It starts: "Hi I know you are interested in good health because you swim every day." it goes on to recommend a book about how not to die. I follow this woman because she does beautiful art - tin mosaics. It amuses me that she took a logical look at my photos and made a completely inaccurate assumption and then a recommendation for something that is kind of the opposite of what I want.

I don't want to die but I've got no objections if it happens. I've had a fabulous life. I'd love to live until the end of next March for my big 70th birthday baseball and family extravaganza but if I don't, it's been fun to think about it and I'm sure my nephew and brother will have a fine time swapping stories about me.

I am not one tiny bit interested in good health. I'm interested in things that feel good - swimming. The very minute swimming stops being fun, I will stop swimming. I will concede that the physical exercise is necessary for me to sit comfortably on my ass the rest of the day but that's not why I swim. I eat what tastes good. Period. And as much as I want, when I want. I am fat. But, in my book, that's a perfectly acceptable price to pay for food freedom. I am not into healthy eating one single little tiny bit.

I didn't reply to the artist lady. I kind of appreciate that she thought of me but not at all what she thought and there's nothing to be gained by telling her how very wrong she got it.

The swim suit I wore today took its last swim. RIP. It had a good run. That takes my rotation down to 4 which is, honestly, plenty. But, I have fabric in house ready to be swum in. So, probably this week, there will be 5 again hanging over the bathtub ready to take their turn.

HBO and Cinemax are having a free weekend over most cable companies this weekend. Mine included. I just went in and told TiVo to record a bunch of stuff, please. That will make a nice bridge between now and when my regular programming comes back.

I stopped at the grocery and got the goods to make beef pot pies. Initially, I was thinking strips of beef but then I thought maybe I'd try it with ground beef, onion, garlic mushrooms and potatoes. I'll bet that's going to be good. I might even make some up today!

But, first lunch because I'm starving.

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