Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yet another breakfast

I like eating breakfast in the mornings. I don't like to do without. But, especially in the mornings, I hate cooking breakfast. So... problem.

I've tried a bunch of different make aheads. Usually they are really good until I have them every day for a week or so. Then I'm really tired of them. Now I'm tired of so many different ones that I'm kind of at a loss.

I'm trying a new one now. Baked eggs, cheese and sausage in muffin cups. It will be perfect tomorrow - nuked with an English muffin. And probably Friday, too. Then, who knows. There's only 5 of them so not a huge commitment.

Oh, they are just done. Hmmm this will be interesting. They do smell good.


My flatware is a cheap set from Ikea that I bought years ago. It has a nice weight and feel to it BUT, the fork tines are getting out of line and that drives me nuts. I went to Ikea to see about buying more. All they have is sets and I have to buy at least 3 before they will ship and I am too lazy to drive all the way there and fight their store to get more. So... Amazon. But, now I don't have any feel for how they feel. The knives, particularly, need to be weighted properly. But, wait, I don't need knives. I only need forks. And a dozen folks are cheap enough to return or toss if they are horrible.

So I just ordered forks. From Amazon. Forest/trees. I must remember to check at Goodwill to see what their flatware situation is.

I also found a podcast catcher for my swim player and got it all set up with some podcasts now that I can reliably hear well enough to enjoy those while I swim.

I did a grocery outlet run and a bunch of this and that around the house and now I think I'm ready to sit and find out what's happening with the Indian Doctor. When I left them yesterday, there was a outbreak of smallpox. I hope it hasn't gotten worse while since then.
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