Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The year the lights went out on Christmas Eve

So... after they moved the ETA of juice back on to 9:04. I found some cheese and crackers for dinner. Read some more of my audio book. Cleaned up the kitchen a little. Then the status changed to December Fucking 25.

By this time it was 8:30. So I came up with a plan. The place with the pool has a restaurant that opens at 7 am every day, according to their website. So I made a list of everything I wanted to take and figured I'd go to sleep and then grab everything in the morning and head out as soon as I woke up. Worst case, I'd have to spend an hour sitting in the car before the restaurant opened. Maybe I could sit in their lobby.

So I made the list. And turned out the light and settled in. And then my eyes SNAPPED open. The CAR!! How in the fuck was I going to get my car out of the garage, past the electronic door, at oh dark 30. It was worth maybe having to climb those fucking stairs to try.

I thought chances of finding someone down there in the garage to help me figure it out were better tonight than they will be at oh dark 30 on Christmas Day. So I got up and threw on my full length warm swim robe and grabbed my keys and flashlight went down the stairs.

Our garage has 6 different spaces so there are 6 different doors. Sure enough, there was someone cracking the case in the space next to mine. I went over to watch how he did it. It was not easy. You pull on a string and a rusty old latch kind of gives way and then you can manually open the doors.

The trick turned out to be latching it back. It took all three of us (the guy, the woman with him and me) - I held the flashlights on the two key areas and they maneuvered the rusty latch back. It took about 20 minutes and many frustrating tries.

It was enough to convince me that getting my car out was not happening. But, before I could conjure on Plan B, while standing in the garage... the lights came on!!!!!! There was much loud joy. Turns out, we were not the only ones in the garage.

I went and got into my car and drove it out and parked it on the street. Fool me once. This was after I noticed that the apartment building across the street was still very dark. As I type this now at 9:45, they are still dark. Sorry guys! One of those apartments is 12 floors and the other is 24. That's a whole lotta stairs.

The elevators came back on line here instantly so I rode up with a bunch of my neighbors who were all really happy.

Now I have everything plugged in and charging including all the external batteries I used. I do need to make sure I have a selection of movies and TV shows saved locally for next time.

And I'm enjoying the sound of the ice maker working hard after having the afternoon off and the fridge. And Alexa is back. Thankgod I did not need any emergency spelling this afternoon!

Ok. That's it. Now that I have electricity, I'm going to sleep. Ha!
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