Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dark times are a commin'

I'm guessing those dark times will be in about an hour or less. The power went out here about 1:45 pm today. I got on Twitter and bitched to Seattle City Light. About 2, they said they were on their way. About 2:15 we were on their oooops outage map. And that's where we sit.

They party is still happening across the street. They have more windows than I do so more light.

I finished my audio book - The Optician's Wife by Betsy Reavley - it was the wildest ride of any fiction I ever read. Appropriate to finish it in the dark for sure.

I'm operating on my cellphone's internet and my embarrassingly large cache of external batteries. Some of them are not as charged up as they should be - note to self, how about a little monthly charging party for these guys? Whaddya say?

It's now 4 and current ETA is 5. I'm not sure how much confidence I have in that ETA.

Soon I'll be here in the dark. Glad that my Kindle has a backlight.

I am so glad I do not have to be anywhere and that no one is on their way over here expecting Christmas lights and a hot meal. I expect this is fucking up some holidays around here. But, not mine.

Merry Christmas!!
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