Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's Monday. Monday. Monday.

As poliphilo pointed out this morning, this time of year, every day feels like Sunday. But my new pill dispenser told me right off the bat that it is Monday but remembering that is an uphill climb.

The pool was packed this morning. It was full of weekend walkers. There is one woman who comes on Saturdays who is just a mean bitch. She's a walker and she does not believe she should ever have to share a lane. And she's pretty unkind about it. This is a 3 lane pool. Not one of those three lanes is marked Prima Donnas Only.

At one point all the lanes were full, even the bitch's, when another regular came in. I offered to share my half lane with her and the guy in the other half suggested we circle swim. The guy in my lane is really really fast and the woman joining us is pretty fast and I'm turtle slow but happy to share. We made it work and it kinda turned into a fun game.

I am home now and in until tomorrow when I'll go for my Christmas swim.

The apartment across the way - the ones who just moved in - have been having a house party since yesterday. It's fun to watch action.

I discovered a bunch of movies that I had saved on my bedroom TiVo this morning. Turns out I just don't even turn that set on except during baseball season any more. I used to watch the 10 pm news on it but now I'm usually asleep by then. So it just doesn't get turned on. My old TiVo is attached to the TV and I use it for storage. Stuff I want to save and/or movies I haven't seen yet but might want to. I'd forgotten there were so any good ones there. Nice find in during this time of barren TV.

Plus last night I found a quirky little series on Acorn called Indian Doctor. It's odd but compelling.

Oh! Breaking news: My KickStarter bone conduction headphones just arrived and they are about $200 better than I thought they would be. I am so delighted. I cannot wait to give them their inaugural swim! What a delightful Christmas surprise.

Ah man, it's already noon. I hate not being able to swim til late. It just eats up half the day. Tomorrow will be worse since I can't get in til 9. Oh well. Wednesday-Friday will be regular. I can live til then.

Oh and no swim selfie. For the second time in two days, I left my phone behind! I never do that. How weird. Anyway, I had my watch so... Garmin stats.

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