Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My fault but really not

When I got home from my swim, I dumped my bag and grabbed one of my 13 Coins gift cards and headed over for breakfast. It was on the high side of good but not up to great with a couple of carmic twists. I forgot my phone which was weird but not fatal. I did bring my Kindle.

The Seahawks game is a home game today but not til 5:30 so I thought I was safe but no. They have a different menu for game days, apparently. And while not packed, it was busy. My waiter was hurried and not too concerned with me. He also had some kind of special shield that prevented him from seeing me when I tried to get his attention. I ended up with eggs benedict which they do well and hash browns. Their had browns are really perfection. But, the waiter thing really bugged me. It took a long time to get the check. Finally, he left it and I pulled out my gift card and when he came back I asked him to add a 25% tip. (I'm generally a heavy tipper so unless I see a waiter spit on my food, 25% is my minimum.) He, in a rush, and not kindly said "You can't use a gift card for tipping." I said "well, I'm sorry but that's all I've got." So he got $0 tip which, by that time, I was thinking was exactly the correct amount.

When I got home I thought an appropriate response would have been to ask him to write down his name for me so I could come back with it later. I felt guilty but, really, only a little bit. It's now been an hour and I'm totally over it.

Before my swim I changed the sheets on my bed. I have a double bed. For all the decades I've been making beds with fitted sheets, I've always fitted one corner and then gone to fit the next one only to figure out, I had the short side of the sheets on the long side of the mattress.

Finally, last time I changed sheets, I happened to have a black Sharpie in my pocket and I made black marks on the short end edges of my sheet and my alternate sheet. Today, for the first time in my entire life, I got the first corner right the first time. Ridiculously joyous.

I was thinking about that while I was swimming and reliving the joy and remembering my Mom and fitted sheets. When they first came out, my friend Judy Perry's mom replaced half of all the sheets in their house with fitted sheets. My Mom refused to buy them. "We're not rich like the Perrys. And those sheets are stupid. How hard is it to tuck in corners? Plus, they are only ever good on the bottom. Our sheets are good on top or bottom. Those things will never catch on."

For the record she also thought panty hose were ridiculous and doomed to fail.

She was, however, the first woman I ever knew who had their own computer - a Radio Shack TRS-80. In the kitchen. In the very early 80's.

I think I'll do a load of laundry and maybe a little sewing. I'm sure not going anywhere. Too many Seahawks fans.

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