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Susan Dennis

Hot Date

This morning I'm going to pick up my friend, Barrie, and we're going south to the Salmon Creek Cafe for brunch and a visit. The place is the one I went to a couple of times for Saturday breakfast. It's nice and cozy with supremely excellent food. Perfect for a catch up.

Hopefully everyone else in the world will be off doing stuff. It's pretty liberating to not have any Christmas anything to have to do. Everyone you meet asks (and could not care one bit about the answer) "are you ready for christmas?" Since I do nothing for christmas, I pretty much stay ready year round. So yeah.

I do enjoy the extra proliferation of baked goods. But mainly I enjoy the break in traffic and the lack of crowds at the usual places. The gym this morning was empty. And next week, I'll be able to get to the pool up in Bothell easily with no traffic problems on Tuesday morning.

I should take advantage of this time to visit the Ballard neighborhood. There are lots of nice restaurants there and the closest Joanne's fabric is there, my alternate pool is there and my backup hair cut place. And, after January 11, my path from here to there will be cut off. There are two main ways to get from here to there. One is a viaduct through town which is being torn down and the other is a surface street which is being cut off to make way for a new tunnel through town which, inconveniently, bypasses the route to Ballard from here. After January 11, I will have to go around my elbow to get to my thumb. Buh Bye Ballard.

I'm having trouble getting hooked on a new TV show. I tried The Americans. And, meh. Last night I tried the Romanoffs. I haven't given up on it yet but it's not terribly compelling so far. I tried Happy Valley and it didn't grab me but I may yet get back to it.

I do love having all the options though. I like TV a lot. This is the first time I've spent this much time watching it sans traditional broadcasting. I'd be a happy cord cutter if it weren't for baseball. I can get the Mariner games via MLB.TV (which I'd have to pay for) using a VPN to tell MLB that I am not in Seattle (where it blacks out Mariner games) but all that bypasses using my TiVo for watching the games and I'm just not ready to give all that up... yet. However, the cost of having cable for baseball games 7 months out of the year is steep. I'll probably to it this season and but this may be my last.

I think I'll pop into the grocery after I drop Barrie back home. I'm getting a hankering for a chicken pot pie and, since I cannot stand those with peas and carrots and they all have peas and carrots, I need to make my own. Sigh.

So the Seattle Times has been going downhill for years now. The print version is not worth the trip to the recycler. The online version is better and, actually, getting better. BUT it is still all tied to a subscription department run by rabid dogs. Trying to cancel your Seattle Times subscription is an exercise in frustration like no other. Thing Comcast+Linkedin+theworstgovernmentagency and you are still better off than dealing with Seattle Times subscriptions.

BUT, they were running a $1 a week for 8 weeks and I couldn't resist. So I subscribed. Again. Yesterday. I got the email confirmation and made a note on my calendar when the 8 weeks is up - February 13.

And then, this morning, I got an email from them saying:

"Dear Susan Dennis,

Thank you for contacting the Seattle Times Customer Service Department.

We are sorry you are canceling your Seattle Times Digital Bundle. ...

A stop has been entered on your account effective February 13, 2019. At the time of cancellation there's zero balance on your account.

???? If this is true then yeah but seriously?? Guess we'll find out in February.


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