Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Successful day so far

The terrace ceiling guys were in and done by 9. The house cleaner came and, for some reason, spent a lot more time than usual and her efforts really show. And she brought me a delightful Christmas present.


Yarn and chocolate. What's not to love??!!!

My errands were all very successful. At Goodwill, I found the most fun sheet. This will be a great shirt.


Also I scored this very cool long, narrow, mesh bin that is exactly what I needed for the cables that I need to charge stuff like my watch and headphones and swim music player. I used plain black elastic to attach it to my laptop table. It's perfect!


This morning they made the official announcement that the Mariners stadium - Safeco Field is now T-Mobile Park. I'm totally fine with that.
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