Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The pool just isn't the same without you in it!

One of the regulars at the gym told me this morning that there was great discussion about where I might be when I went missing last week. I told her that it was so nice to hear that I was missed and she said... "Well, the pool just isn't the same without you in it!"

It really is strange and flattering to find out that I'm noticed.

With Penny Marshall's death, there has been a lot of playing of the theme song from Laverne and Shirley. Which was first on TV in 1976. 42 years ago. People now in their mid 40s likely don't remember seeing it because it was before their time.

I'm really used to all of the you're-so-old examples but this one finally hits home. There was no TV before me. Pretty much. There's a link that goes around, usually every Fall, to a web page where you pick the year you were born and it tells you what was hot on TV that year. I was born in 1949. The earliest year available is 1950.

I found a Wikipedia page for what was on TV then. I was surprised at the actual variety. I also remember thinking Kukla, Fran and Ollie was stupid even when I was little.

There was no Laverne and Shirley, that's for sure.

This morning they are supposed to come and finish up the terrace ceiling fix. Then they will need to fix the water damage inside. If they can get that fixed before June, that will make the whole remediation in under three years. Not bad! grrrrrrr

Also today is house cleaner day. Which means errand day. Today is Goodwill, Walgreens and gas station. By that time everyone should be done and outta here.

I bought something on Amazon Prime Now last week. Amazon Prime Now delivers within 2 hours. It's amazing. The only extra charge is the tip which is optional. The inventory is limited but still, if what you want is there, 2 hours is way better than 2 days. I also just discovered that their return situation is better than Amazon regular. One of the reasons listed in the drop down is "Product didn't meet my expectations". This is the reason I return a lot of my Amazon purchases. It's actually why I buy so much stuff from Amazon because I know I can return it without a hassle. BUT on the regular site I have to pick "purchased in error" which isn't exactly true. Also on Prime Now, there is not charge for returns. On regular Amazon, if you purchase in error, you pay return shipping (Or drop it off at an Amazon site which is what I do because that's free). On Prime Now, UPS will pick it up at noon today when they deliver here and it cost me nothing. Easy peasy squeezy. I wish they had a bigger inventory.

We had a tornado in a town just north of here yesterday. It made a gynormous mess. We don't get tornadoes around here so it was also big news. We have very healthy wind storms but not roof lifting tornadoes. We have more adult weather coming today and tomorrow. But, alas, no snow. Not even close. It's 50 degrees out there. Bummer.

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