Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The joy of hand lotion

My hand is healed enough today to finally be able to rub in some hand lotion. Even my good hand has been deprived. I could not figure out how to apply hand lotion with only one hand and the bandage rendered the other hand unlotionable. (And I love how LJ spellcheck thinks unlotionable is a word and is spelled correctly. Blanket declaration: All typos and misspellings in this journal are the fault of Live Journal.)

The bandage is off and hand lotion feels so good. I could almost hear those old lady skin cells slurping down the moisturizing goodness.

Yesterday, I had two packages out for delivery via USPS. One got here just fine. One is now saying "Delivery Attempted - No Access to Delivery Location" Shit happens BUT now it's a day later and I'm still getting the same info with no instructions on recourse by me or them. And that's annoying.

Another day with nothing on the agenda but... I do have another top that needs a tweak. This is one I made and it already has pockets but the shape of the body of the top is not the best so I think I'll fix that. It's a tiny tweak. I am knitting what is turning out to be a kind of neat sweater but it will need an under shirt in a solid color. So I'm thinking maybe I'll whip up a turtleneck to wear under it. I need motivation to finish the sweater. I have gotten very bad lately at starting yarn projects and not finishing them.

Also I really should get out and take a walk. Maybe up to the new bakery!

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