Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kick me

The couple next door with the dog who ripped up my hand and the guest dog who barks constantly - Hunter and Colin. Hunter is one one who bakes and used to constantly bring me baked goods. Some were delicious. Some were not. Some were infused with cannabis. Some were not. He'd go for spells. I'd get 3 pies in a week and then nothing for 6 months. Colin is the one who walks the dogs and the one who had his hand not quite tightly enough on the lease a week ago. Hunter and Colin sent out a mass email inviting everyone to their wedding last year? year before last? But, I'm not sure they actually got married. I often heard them screaming at each other (or someone). They are both very odd to be around.

Last night, I got a lovely, brief email from Colin explaining that it was the guest dog who did all the barking while he was out. He was most apologetic and promised it would never happen again. Also promised baked goods to make up for it.

Just now I learned (via building wide email from the building manager) that Hunter died last night. Mostly likely Colin was out at the hospital with Hunter. Cancer.
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