Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Double the fun

On the days I have snail mail coming my way, the post office sends me an email with a photo of the envelopes. I love it. If it's only Bed Bath and Beyond coupons I know I don't even need to go check. I can just clear the junk out next time I go past the mail boxes.

But, on days like today, when there is something fun in the mix, I get to enjoy it twice. This morning email says there's a letter - likely Christmas card - from a woman who's blog I found and started reading more than a decade ago. She's no longer keeps it up but I see her on Instagram so I know she's still breathing. She's never sent me anything before so this is quite a treat. It's like hearing from a celebrity! I can't wait to see it. But what a fun thing to know it's coming.

I did a crap job of sleeping last night but was dead out when the alarm went off this morning. One of the many most lovely things about being retired and on my own is that it does not matter. If I get sleepy, I can day sleep. Luxury.

Besides the fun mail coming today, I also am excited about my Echo Clock. It's a silly thing but for $30, I can haz silly. Plus I love a bold clock with all the numbers. What I really want, though, is the Echo for the car. They said it would be available by the end of the year but they are really cutting it close. I'm losing hope.

I have nothing going on today and no clue what will happen. I think I'll start with getting dressed and see where that takes me.

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