Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice Sunday

I sewed. I watched the rest of my now favorite TV show ever. I listened to the dog barking next door.

Last night I was woken up by an dog barking incessantly next door. I am a really good sleeper and can usually sleep through anything but this dog was relentless. It's the apartment of the two guys who already are at their max of 2 dogs. One of which was my hand attacker. This was not either of their two dogs, I did not believe. So now they have a third one???? They do not own but rent their unit. And their landlord is pretty twitchy about them anyway.

Then today... it started again. After an hour and a half of constant - like metronome constant - barking, I went and knocked on their door and rang their doorbell. Nothing. Well, not nothing... barking. They have two numbers listed in the directory. One is clearly a wrong number and the other goes to unidentified voice mail.

So... email it is. And I cc'd their landlord. Just as I got to the last line the barking stopped. I guessed it's because one or the other of them came home. I sent it. I did hear back really quickly from Colin saying they were babysitting a friend's dog and he'd gone out to run an errand and he promised he would not leave the dog alone again. Thank you. I'm kind of over you and your dogs.

Meanwhile my hand is starting to itch. My Mom used to say that it itches when it's nearly well again. God, I hope this is one where she was right. I'm tired of wound care. The biggest of the gauges is still prone to re opening if I'm not very gentle with it.

Not much going on this coming week. Wednesday has all the action but the rest of the days are fancy free. Nice.
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