Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back in the water - ahhhhhhh

I skipped swimming for two days and it felt like two weeks. Everything felt about two pixels off. And my arms and shoulders are sure tired but it was good. All good. I used the new earplug in my one bad ear and it sure worked. Once it was in, I didn't even feel it. When I was done and pulled it out, no blockage at all. Zero water had gotten in there. It was not fun listening to music with one earbud, tho.

Interestingly, early last Summer, I put $$ into a Kickstarter for bone conducting headphones to use while swimming. They attach to your googles and rest on your cheeks and you 'hear' through your bones. Just last week they said that the early investors (I was number 10) will get theirs before Christmas. Timing, right?! If those work, then I'll be able to plug up both ears and still hear my music. Perfect.

It was great to get back into the pool.

After my swim, I hit up Trader Joe's and picked up some goodies and then came home and made myself a late breakfast.

Next up is sewing. I have several things I want to get done. Plus, it will be fun to work in the room now that I have it all cleaned up and organized!

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