Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Best Laid Plans... kaput!

I was so ready for a swim this morning. Up at 4:30, into my suit, brushing my teeth and boom. Hit with an attack of the runs. No cramps or feeling bad at all but clearly not swimming pool ready. I think it's milk. I had cereal for dinner last night with lots of milk. I think the last time I had cereal for dinner with lots of milk the same thing happened. No biggie. I can sure live without milk. Especially since other dairy - ice cream in particular - does not have the same penalty.

Anyway I immodium-ed up and now things seem to be very much better. So much better that I'm now debating going for a rare mid-morning swim. I'm guessing my ear would rather that I didn't. Tomorrow will be soon enough. That's the current debate status.

I have 30 minutes left on my current audio book. I think I'll polish those off today and then find the next one. My brother, who's book taste runs nicely along the same lines as mine, eats audiobooks way faster than I do and has identified some nice contenders for me.

I need to organize my coat/jacket/wrap situation. I think Goodwill needs some of them and I need room on the rack. I need to organize my fleece scrap situation and find a home for it. And actually, the whole sewing room needs help. It will be turned into the guest room just after New Years and so now might be a good time to get it tidy and more organized.

That's a good plan for the day. I'm on it.
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