Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am the boss of me... and the coach

My ear is much better but, now it gets water clogged way too easily. I hope that will pass in time but it's really annoying. This morning it was really bugging me plus my hand was feeling funny. Like maybe the bandage was rubbing it in a bad place. So finally, 400 yards shy of my usual distance, I gave up the ghost.

I would have given it up at 1,200 yards but the 'who is the boss of me?' convo took 200 yards to settle. Then I got to thinking about swim coaches. I've never had a swim coach. As a matter of fact, now that I think of it, I've never had any kind of coach at all. Ever.

I had gym teachers but never a coach. hmmmm...

Anyway, my hand turned out to be fine. It's actually healing nicely and, I think, quickly. I'm still keeping it covered and covered with antiseptic gel and will until it's 100%. I like that hand and want to keep it functioning, thank you!

My ear is unclogging and will be fine by lunch... until I get back in the pool. It, too, will get better with time, I'm sure.

This little boy was in my Instagram feed this morning. I do not know him or his family and have no idea why I ever added them to my feed but this little video, today, grabbed me. I love it so much. I could watch it a million times.

I have no special plans for today. Just the usual. I might venture out for lunch and leg stretching maybe. I, once again, wallow in all of the opportunities I have and the freedom to take advantage of all or none.

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