Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Such a spoiled child

I dote on me. And it shows. Blazing Bagels had this not-even-very-good app that you could use to order up your bagel and pay for it so all you had to do was breeze in and pick it up. The app is now 'under construction' which is stupid speak for We're Not Using It Any More. Well, you know what? I'm probably not going to use Blazing Bagels any more. At least not as much. I had to wait 10 minutes to order my bagel and then 5 minutes til it was ready. And that was at 10:30 am. Not acceptable.

There's a fancy ass yogurt place in town that sells pints. My friend, Frank bought some and then used the bag they came in to bring me something. I LOVED that bag. I started using it to carry my wet suit home from the pool. It has handles and it stands up on its own. Perfect. But, it gets beat up. So I figured I'd go to the yogurt place and buy a bunch from them. I told Frank about it and he was there and asked and they don't have the bags any more. :(

Soooo I went to Amazon. I actually couldn't find the exact size which is perfect and most of their selections come in lots of 100 but a few came in a 25 pack which is ok so I ordered some and they came today and they are too small... :(

I've now ordered a new batch - bigger. And I'll return these tomorrow to Amazon but without the Blazing Bagel stop.

My Mom was the queen of Christmas cookies. Every year she made dozens and dozens. She made about 6 different kinds and they were all her own. I never knew anyone who made the ones that she made. Some were German and I don't know where the rest came from.

She always made a gynormous batch of cookies to be iced. They were vanilla but not terribly sweet or rich. Not shortbread. And the icing was not butter cream but something else - white. I actually have no clue and do not have the recipe. The only person I know who does is my sister. And there is no way in hell I would ever ask her for it. Or anything actually (we don't speak). Which is fine. I'd never make them anyway. But this time of year when I see everyone's Christmas cookies, my tongue remembers fondly.

And speaking of stuff that I see... I figured out how Instagram is going to dump me. While I was waiting in Blazing Bagels, I fired it up on my phone. OMG. The phone app sucks donkey balls. It is nothing but ads. Nothing but ads. So, when they figure out I'm never using the phone app but only the web app and they put all those ads on the web app, I'm gone. Buh Bye.

I think I'll watch Dumplin.
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