Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

An hour well spent

Yesterday, I missed a text from Frank. I missed it because all my notifications sound the same - emails sound link texts sound like twitter likes. I heard the noise and just ignored it.

NO MORE! I just spent an hour creating specific sounds and identifying them. Now, when a text or an email from my brother comes in, I'll hear "It's Bill". When a random email comes in, I'll hear "It's an email!" And when Amazon sends anything, I'll hear "Amazon!" - I made one for Frank, one for Fed Ex, one for USPS, one for UPS.

So far, no one's sent anything so I can only hope they all work. But, if they don't it's a tweak to fix. I'm delighted with the idea and the effort.

I got bandages and a rubber glove so I can do the dishes. I thought about dropping by Trader Joe's but decided...nah. I came home and rebandaged my hand but also remembered to take a picture of it in case it gets infected so I can show the hospice nurse what it looked like before it started to kill me. Drama queen? Me????

Now I'm back home, doing laundry.

I just went in to swap washer to dryer only to discover that I'd also washed a packet of facial tissues. That had now disintegrated. All over my clothes, my red coat, the carpet.

  • I went to get my 4,000 year old hand held vac only to discover it no longer works. My other vacume doesn't do tight spaces.

  • Handheld going to Goodwill.

  • The old hand held was mounted to the wall in the closet. I wanted to unmount the charger to put with the handheld - 2 screws.

  • Got my trusty drill/screw driver. Bit too short.

  • Got out the brand new box o' 597 different bits and things for the screwdriver that I had never used. The last time my brother was here, he struggled fixing things because I didn't have the right drill bits and stuff so I got this variety pack to solve that problem. Only it was a bitch to get into.

  • Got into it finally, got the bit extender, got the fucking screws out. Put it all in the Goodwill bag.

  • Used the lint roller I got yesterday at the Dollar Store (to pick up thread bits at the sewing machine) to clean up the clothes and then vacummed the other stuff as best I could.

  • Ordered a new hand held.

And now it's lunchtime. ThankgodforPopeyesFriedChicken.
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