Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not at all Man Bites Dog

So, I was in the elevator coming back upstairs. My neighbor was there with his not ever trained French Bull Dog. I had the smell of french fries on my fingers. He (the dog) was jumping all over me. And finally his never trimmed claws dragged across my hand...

Under this bandage there are four gouges. None are deep but two are nice wide little divots. It was just before the door opened on our floor when it happened so I was able to prevent the neighbor from seeing it and get inside here to grab some toilet paper before I made a mess.

I got antiseptic cream all over it and the bandage and the bleeding finally stopped. But, ugh! This is not going to heal quickly, I'm afraid.


The dog needs training and his nails clipped but he was just excited and shit happens. Had I not leaned down to let him sniff my hand, he would not have clawed it. Even bandaged up, I can move then hand just fine. Knit, sew, do whatever so it could be worse. But. Ouch!

I was coming back from meeting ljtourist. I thought he had left for Christmas but he had not! He was having a late lunch at the newly moved deli so we got in a nice visit. The sewing shop had my needles and my zipper. Oh and FedEx said that they were going to deliver the fleece I ordered on Monday, but they delivered it today!!

I got my hand ripped to shreds and still had an excellent day. Now, that's very cool.
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