Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mystery No More!

It is a Christmas present from the Mariners!! A very high quality, fancy ass, travel bag/huge brief/laptop case. With a very subtle Mariners logo on it. It's really classy and nice.





I'm guessing the other two USPS tracking numbers are, in fact, label creation errors. I've seen that before.

I went to Costco. On a good day, at my Costco (Store #1, the original), assholes park mid aisle to wait for someone to load up and, return their cart and eventually leave. They'll block everyone else in the process. Usually this happens closest to the door. Today it was happening even way out at the far end where I usually park. There were zero empty spaces. I cannot imagine what a made house it must be inside. And imagine was as close as I wanted to get so I peeled out and went to Grocery Outlet.

They didn't have what I wanted but had lots of other stuff and parking and it was a way nicer experience. So there.

And I came home to the fancy assed bag from the Mariners AND a wonderful and beautiful pop up Christmas card from an online friend in Hungary.

Now I'm on the way back to the coat. Zipper is fixed and pockets are in. So far, so good.
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