Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And how do you expect that to work out??? Dummy!!

My test coat is working out amazingly well. But, I am really glad I did a test. I made the sleeves way bigger but they were still not big enough for a sweater. So I made them bigger. I thought I was going to have to add girth but turns out, no. And I took copious notes.

The test coast is made from some heavy red french terry that I bought at Goodwill. Once I got it right I decided rather than chunk it because it was a test, I'd finish it off and have yet another nice coat! I went looking in my fabric stash for a bit of contrast for the pockets and found the rest of that plaid flannel sheet. Perfect!! That really is the sheet that keeps on giving. I even found the perfect zipper in my zipper stash.

And then I went on to install said zipper and did a perfect job. I was, in fact, admiring my work when I saw that I had installed the fucker exactly backwards. The zipper pull is on the inside!!! GRRRRR. Where is that seam ripper? I got it all ripped out and I'll put it back in correctly tomorrow and finish up.

The good fabric for the rain coat will be next week. So really no huge hurry. A nice sewing day.

I have coffee coming from Amazon today except I think it's probably not coming today. They are using Amazon's own delivery service which is usually fairly efficient but once in a while they really stub their toe. Today is one of those days. Initially, it said the order would be here by 2:45. Then it was 4:45. Then it was 7:30 and now it's 9:30. My guess is that by 9:30, there will be UNABLE TO DELIVER note with instructions for me to check the address.

It's fine. I have coffee enough to get me to tomorrow.

I did get to 13 Coins and bought two gift cards and gave them to myself - hehehe. I don't really understand the whole elf on the shelf thing but that's where I put the gift cards for now, so I'm calling them elf cards.

My ear was killing me earlier today but two ibuprofen knocked that hurt right out. I don't remember ever having something that was so fixable by ibuprofen. Fine by me. I'll take it!

I just made the mistake of checking on my investments. I need to not do that.

I think I'll fast forward through Ellen while I knit.
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