Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Calendar integrity. I've lost it.

So I was back in the sewing room, deep into Kindle sleeve making when the door from the hallway opens and I hear the deep, loud, Bosnian voice of my house cleaner.


I stare at her astonished and say "It's Tuesday!" and she says "No, it's Wednesday" and I say "no, it's Tuesday" and we go on like that for a long time. She finally convinced me but it was not easy. I don't think I have ever been as off on my days as this morning. Every single thing pointed to Wednesday and yet, in my heart of hearts and brain of brains I knew it was Tuesday.

It was really funny. And I was not house cleaner ready. The kitchen was a mess. I had a giant piece of fabric spread out on the counter. I hadn't even hung up my swimsuit yet. Nor had I gathered the rest of the stuff to take to Goodwill or even thought about what other things I wanted to do while I was out.

But, she got to work and I got myself together and hit the road. I went to Goodwill and Uwajimaya and Daiso (where I got Zoey her Christmas outfit).


But, now the house is clean and all is fine. I made a nice little bagette for kindle and even added a little pocket on the outside for the folding stand I like to carry with me.

Then I spent some quality time with a ruler and paper and pencil, planning out the coat. I have the perfect piece of fabric to use for the test build. Tomorrow.

I think I'm going to pull out my knitting and fire up Series 3 of Line of Fire.
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