Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Will the next drama please step up to the podium?

I have zero clues what this might be. And there are two others with the exact same info just different tracking numbers. The labels were created on the 30th and now... crickets. Someone is just torturing me.

I know there won't be action tomorrow since the post offices are closed because Bush died. (Since when do National Days of Mourning mean the federal government shuts down?? I don't remember that ever happening before. but what ever)

Nice day here. A little sewing, a little fixing, a little organizing. Then I went up the street to Megs for lunch. I went at 11:30 to avoid the crowds. Lots o' peops had the same idea. The line was long and didn't move fast but at least I had plenty of time to suss out the sitch.

The hamburger as good but they have this "special sauce" they slather all over it and that wasn't so good. I'm trying the hot dog next time. The chocolate shake was very good and the perfect size.

But the french fries. OMG. They were possibly the very best french fries that have ever crossed my lips. So absolutely amazing. Delicious and crunchy and wonderful. I am thrilled to have those french fries so close to my house. And available every day. I need to see how well they travel and if they can be reheated. Seriously So delicious.

Also, on the way to Megs, I passed the new home of Salumi!! They were not that far away before but just far away enough and in a location that was not welcoming. But now they are in a big new place AND open on Saturdays. Yeah! Another win for my 'hood.

I think spaghetti for dinner.
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