Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Life's too short

A few weeks ago, in Safeway, they had a stack of 100 count k-cups of coffee - Signature brand, donut shop - on sale for $5 each. That should have been a clue. I've been drinking the stuff now every morning. It's mild. It's so mild that it's difficult to distinguish it from hot water.

Finally, this morning, I said no. I'm tossing the remaining cups. I've gotten my $5 worth out of the deal and now I want to go back to drinking real coffee. Happily I had some real coffee squirreled away for emergencies. This will tide me over until Amazon delivers the stuff I just ordered on Thursday. Whew.

An email this morning told me about my raise starting in January. My social security payment is going up $67. Woot! But, really, that more than covers my phone bill, for instance. So really. Thanks, federal government!

My Twitter feed is all sports this morning. The NHL is getting ready to announce that Seattle will get a hockey team. The sports bars in town have the coffee flowing to the crowds gathered around TVs for the announcement. Meanwhile, Mariner fans are crying in their beer over all the trades. Basically most of the people I follow seem to think the end of the world has come. And, of course, they all know for sure how to do it better than the professionals with the salaries.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day and so errand day and grocery day. That makes today pretty much nothing day. I have a new top cut out and ready to assemble and actually my fabric stash shelves could use some reordering, straightening.

And I think I might wander up to the new place - Megs - for lunch maybe.

And there will be TV watching/listening. My new speakers are nice. The sound is far more rich and those strange accents on Acorn TV are easier to decipher. Now I just need something to translate the idioms. Now that I can hear the words, their actual meaning is even more elusive. I get the context, of course, but the nuance often goes right over my head.

ARUG. I just read a recent (yesterday?) quote from Joe Biden saying that he is the most qualified person in the country to be president. We are for sure fucking doomed.

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