Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


FedEx showed the tracking number as still at the warehouse until they changed it to DELIVERED! Way to tease, FedEx.

The Roku speakers are, indeed, a no brainer to set up and they look nice and they sound nicer. And they have neat little tricks like dialogue enhancement and sound leveling. Totally excellent. And way better than any of the sound bars I've tried over the years.

They came with two remotes, neither of which I really need. But, I have a drawer for Shit I Do No Need Now. So no biggie.

The pizza was really bad but then the only take home cook-it-yourself pizza I've ever had that was not really bad is Papa Murphy's. The Whole Foods pizza was no worse than the rest but still pretty bad. I did not do an actual taste test but I suspect the cardboard under the crust tasted the same as the crust.

Live and learn. I think I've given Whole Foods enough tries. And they have enough love from the public. They don't need me.

Now I'm going to see how the good folks in Line of Duty sound with excellent speakers!
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