Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Seahawkians still Seahawking

It's 8 pm and I just heard the melodious (not) tones of drunks calling out SEAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAWKS. The game ended hours ago and one would think they would take their drunken selves home but no... godbless'em. They (the Seahawks) were here when I moved in more than 25 years ago so my standing to bitch is a bit rickety.

I will bitch about this fucking ear that started acting up again tonight! I went to the My Chart app and discovered my doctor has an opening tomorrow at 11:45. I grabbed it. Thanks, whoever canceled. I appreciate it.

I finally killed NCIS Los Angeles. I had several episodes unwatched and tried to clear out the backlog and discovered that I honestly do not care one bit about any of the characters any more so... buh bye.

Same with that God Friended me thing. I still have all the episodes of This Is Us unwatched. They are actually the only thing left on my TiVo. So I guess I'll get round to watching them or at least giving them a try here sooner than later.

I have plenty of other stuff on Acorn and Netflix and Amazon to keep me entertained. I'm really kind of surprised to learn that if it weren't for baseball, I could really be a cord cutter. But there is baseball so cable and I still have a wonderful relationship.
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