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The Seahawks are playing a game at home today at 1:30. So the 'hood will be taken over with madness and screaming. And the roads will all be closed off. I toyed with the idea of not going to the pool at all. But, then I decided to go for at least half.

The Sunday front desk person is a young woman who is not only bright and cheering and fun and nice, she lets us in 5 minutes early! We have this little group of early birds on Sunday and this morning we voted her The Best.

There were some weekenders - the old Asian guy who swims a little and then gets out and does calisthenics and then gets all weird when someone swims in his lane. And the middle aged lady who walks the lanes but always and only in the exact middle and gets all pissy when someone wants to share the lane. Etc. But, on the up side, it's a cloudy morning so I didn't get blinded by the sun glare.

I still wanted to get done and get back home so I only did 1,000 yards. It was still fun and good. And I got home before they started blocking roads. Win!

Between the doors being closed and Spotify, I can't even hear the football people. I made a Christmas music playlist for swimming and just added it to my player.

A really random thought I had while swimming this morning: In high school we had to memorize all kinds of shit. The first 52 lines of the Canterbury Tales in the original language, all manner of poetry and some historical speeches. I've forgotten most of it and, while I still remember the Canterbury Tales prologue, I get precious few invitations to recite.

But I am annually grateful that we had to memorize all the words to the Carol of the Bells. It's still one of my favorite songs and to have a tongue that can keep up with the delightful patter just tickles me every year.

Laundry load #2 is in the dryer. I love cold weather but holy crap does it make laundry. Geesh. I feel like I wash clothes constantly. And it's only me and I don't even sweat. WTF?

I'm currently hooked on Line of Duty on Acorn TV. So there will be some watching of that today. And the rest of the usual.

Ooops the laundry needs switching. Alexa? When are you going to learn to do laundry?

I feel like I should post only half a swim selfie but, hey, that's what I post every day.

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