Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fun morning

I was scrolling through Instagram this morning waiting for time to leave for the pool when I happened on a reference to a cafe I did not know about south of here. I'm always looking for places to eat breakfast that are on the pool side of town (west and south). This menu looked intriguing and it was not that far from the dollar store and I needed dollar store things.

So after my swim, I headed down there. It was farther than I had planned (Burien) but the drive wasn't too bad - it was through interested neighborhoods. There was plenty of parking and a table ready for me and the little out of the way cafe just turned out to be perfect.

There were three things on the menu that were my top choices. So, clearly, I'll need to go back at least twice. I at my breakfast while reading more of Michelle Obama's book and it was just delightful.

Then I went to the dollar store which was packed but doable and I remembered to check my list. I love the dollar store so much. At checkout they had a basket of toys and asked everyone if they wanted to buy one to donate. Normally being hounded to donate in the checkout line annoys me but not this time. And I did not hear one single person turn them down. I still got out for less than $20.

Heaven on earth, aka Popeye's chicken, is kitty cornered from the dollar store so I went over there and got lunch and dinner. Then coming home I happened by my McDonalds and saw where they were open. They've been doing a major renovation and have only had the drive thru open. I popped in to see what was new and get some fries to go with my chicken. They have ordering kiosks! You punch in your order and pay with your phone and the board shows your order number and bingo bango you are on your way. VERY cool. They are still working on the outside of the building but already I love the upgrade.

Then home to find the condo budget in the mail. I've been waiting to see what my HOA dues will be for next year. They have steadily gone up year over year and last year they jumped a couple of levels. But, probably because of last year, this year, there is a Christmas miracle. My dues went down! Only about $5 but still. I'll take it over an increase any day. I hate monthly bills. I don't mind putting money aside every month so a few of years ago I started doing that and then paying for the entire year in December. It's not really due until the end of December but I wanted it done and off my list so I paid it today. $7301.28. Now I'm good til next year!

I got 3 texts yesterday afternoon from the USPS. Upon further inspection, all three have identical details. The are all from Seattle - a zip code in the docks district just a little south of here. I have ordered nothing like this. So these three items are total mysteries. Hopefully they are mysteries that will be solved early next week.

Now, I need to put away the stuff from the dollar store and then, who knows. I might do some laundry. I might do some sewing. I might do some TV watching. I might do some reading. Who knows?

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