Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Get that Strog ready...

It's a dark and cold-ish rainy rainy day and I just remembered it's also Wednesday. Beef Stroganoff night at 13 Coins and I still have $$ on that gift card I bought last year. Dinner has now been planned.

My new top came out perfectly. Just exactly what I wanted. Not too bad for an old bed sheet and a lap blanket. I picked up the lap blanket at Goodwill a long time ago when I needed red fleece for an accent and decided to use something else. It turned out to be perfect for this.


While I sewing I was listening to a podcast where some millennials were talking about grilled cheese sandwiches. One of them mentioned that she had seen, in the New York Times, a recipe that called for mayo instead of butter. Spreading the outside of your cheese sandwich with mayo and using it, instead of butter, to grill the sandwich. The millennials were horrified which was amusing. But, I thought, why not? mayo is just oil and lemon and a little egg.

So I tried it. Interesting. Definitely easier than butter. Mayo is so much easier to get onto the bread evenly - especially when it's cold and so the butter is cold. It fried up nicely and evenly. I have a tendency to burn grilled cheese because the butter warms up so quickly on my induction stove top - it burns before the cheese melts if I'm not very careful. The mayo didn't burn at all. It was a lovely color with a nice, satisfying crunch.

I did miss the richness of the buttery fry. But, it was pretty tasty.

The problem was the afterglow. The smell of fried mayo lingers a long time and is not delightful. So that was my last cheese sandwich grilled in mayo.

The sandwich and the shirt seemed to have taken the whole day. Well, there were some internet rabbit hole situations... I think 13 Coins will be an early dinner. I'm starving and I have TV to watch.
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